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27 September 2009 @ 03:33 pm

Anne,he sayang me like you did.

I`m still suffering from insomnia.i still love him like holy mother fuck.fasting in two days time.needa focus.
slacked the weekend away,so die.i love my family so much.especially shalu (:
and black ranger,i`ll love you all my life (:
he fucking hot sial,s.i`m talking about s!my brother says i dont need black ranger anymore,and he keeps talking about s.then i ask him why you telling me.then he said,cause you dont need black ranger anymore, then gave -cheeky smile- heh!


24 September 2009 @ 04:12 pm


{Cause with you,i`d withstand all of hell to hold your hand.
Dont you wish you can keep some moments?I do.
Currently,many things bugging me.The fact that i screwed my prelims?and other personal stuff?
i`m suffering from insomnia.Plus i dont feel thirsty,hungry or sleepy.WTF.Its very difficult when i dont tell anyone anything real.The real thing inside.
I went to hougang ystd,i was dearly invited by mai akka and her family (:
i love them to bits! daddy`s the best. after i went there i felt so much better. he told me what to do and what not to do. everyone wants me to concentrate on my studies,so i will. but i will think of you,i will love you,i will miss you. I dont understand why i should actually lie to myself that i`ll get over you. Because you mean to much to me.Even HE didnt mean so much to me.
I`ll say it here daringly.I miss you,I need you,I love you sunshine.
Today morning met fatin.And i had this huge instinct i will see him.And i did.
Two things were running through my mind.Oh my god,i finally get to see him.But at the same time,i was broken.I couldnt face him.I started crying ):
I really need someone.Bigtime.
I`m wondering.Is that someone my brother?the brother who i fell out with a long time ago yet who i love so dearly much?(that was a secret)
I`m not lying anymore.I need someone.
I need to focus yknow.there`s like 28 or 27 days left or sth.
i swear to god i`m going crazy,and i`m dying.this time dying is literally.
I can actually make an official announcement.
I`m very sure my asthma attack is coming along very soon.I`ll definitely have one,just that i dont know how serious it might be?(:
i`m irrevocably in love with you.i swear to god. :(

18 September 2009 @ 08:02 pm

I will just play you hard,you piece of shit./

Hello zombies of mama earth :D
I`m like sososososososo bored now.Freak man.So many things like running through my mind,my head might just burst any moment.Well i`m gnabe having a five day off from today.(i think.)
prolly i`ll be going out,cleaning the house alot and preparing for deepavali? :D
Sunday is Hari Raya,and that`s like so freaking fast.I mean i cant even believe this year`s passed so fast man!
i`m sec four,i`m about to finish my prelims,then i`m about to graduate,i`m about to take my o`s and then i`ll enter a whole new phase of life.Jeez man,its crazy.

Anyways,i`ve been thinking like of things.Its really weird to lose a friend i guess.I mean i dont wish to metion who he is here cause i also need my privacy?i really liked him as my friend,and i`m not going to comment any further!
teeheehee :D

okay next up,i think i`m going to tekka tml,with my friends.Maybe lah.I told mumsy love i`ll go collect with my friends but i think she wants me to clean my room.But seriously i dont want to waste my saturday cleaning?wft?
heh :D its funny so yeah.
anyways,my brothers creeping me out?i mean they`ve gotten slightly closer to me lately,but i realise alot of things.
they really do watch my back.i know they love me,but sometimes the childish pathetic me can feel they`re too overprotective?despite all of this,i might be suprised that i`mma say this.? I still love them! ((:

I desperately feel like online shopping now.fuckingshit lah.i wantwantwant.and i saw this flea thing.want to go there too.I`m growing up,need to learn how to shop smart without losing the glam stuff.well,i needa break.
I want to let loose and drink.anyone? (:
goodbye zombies/i`m out.
16 September 2009 @ 08:10 pm

You see,i`m a girly girl.

You`re the only one i would fuck without a condom on.}

Hello bugs out there!seems like i`m finally back.teeheehee!well,prelims are going on.i have no idea how i`m doing.seriously.this has been a really horrible time for me.I mean my life`s so freaking complicated again?
i dont know who to trust anymore?i feel so naive.but anyways,i know i`ll always have tintin and my dear mr fatfat!(hahahahah!) so i`m having stomach cramps now.
i have two things to say:
# I fucking swear,you`re the best i ever had.
# Thats the craziest thing i`ve said in my life!haha.
I`ll end off with some interesting news,i think i`m becoming like myself.i`m finally finding myself.
I dont want to be deceived again.
Om sakthi (:
07 August 2009 @ 07:41 pm

Hello niggies!i`m lazy to talk,let the lyrics do the talking :D

Baby you my everything you all I ever wanted.
We can do it real big.
Bigger then you ever done it.
You be up on everything.
Other hoes ain't never on it.
I want this forever, I swear I can spend whatever on it.

Cause she hold me down everytime I hit her up.
When I get right I promise that we gon live it up.
She make me beg for it till she give it up.
And I say the same thing every single time.

I say you the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
I say you the fucking best.

Know you got a roommate
Call me when its no one there
Put the key under the mat
And you know I'll be over there
(Yup) I'll be over there
Shawty, I'll be over there
I'll be hitting all the spots that u ain't even know was there
Ha. And you ain't even have to ask twice
You can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice
Always felt like you was so accustom to the fast life
Have a nigga thinking that he met you in a past life
Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on
Thats when your the prettiest
I hope that you don take it wrong
You don't even trip when friends say you ain't bringing Drake along
You know that I'm working I'll be there soon as I make it home
And she a patient in my waiting room
Never pay attention to them rumors and what they assume
And until them girls prove it
I'm the one to Never get confused with Cause.

Ayo you da only one that see the real Nicki
I could show you chill Nicki Cause of how you deal wit me
When dey knock my blocks down you come and you build with me
Even though you real busy
Youse da fuckin real Drizzy
It's so amazing I figured out this world is ours with tha taking
I figured out that when I go out an all those people scream thats some of them are living varcariously for me
That's why I put that "S" on ma chest and I'm gone
But on another note let's have sex in my dorm
And imma make you beg cause you look pretty when you beggin
So meet me on the campus I'll be there around 11.

So lemme put my books down
Exscuse me if I look down
Guess imma little nervous
But I'm at your service
Look at what you took down

Sex, Love, Pain
Baby I be on that tank shit
Buzz so big I could probably sell a blank disk
When my album drop
Bitches will buy it for the picture
And niggas will buy it too and claim they got it for they sister
Magazine paper girl
But money ain't the issue
They bring dinner to my room and ask me to initial
She call me the referee
Cause I be so official
My shirt ain't got no stripes but I can make yo pussy whistle
Like the Andy Griffith theme song
And who told you to put them jeans on
double cup love
You the one I lean on
Feeling for a fix then you should really get yo pheen on
Yea just know my condo is the crack spot
Every single show she out there repping like a mascot
Get it from the back

And make yo fucking bra strap pop
All up in yo slot until the nigga hit the jackpots

I say you the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
You the fucking best.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.
Best I ever had.


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